The Paper Princess

I love the style of vintage items. I like the classic, elegant feel they have to them. The Paper Princess is a vintage inspired paperie filled with all types of goodies that are sure to have people asking where did you find that. You can purchase bookplates, calling cards, beautiful cards, gift tags, and even calendars. I am utterly amazed at the creativity and the hard worker of the shop's owner. A fellow mother of three with a day job - you have to marvel at her ability to multitask!

Although it's hard to pick my favorite items though are the custom rubber stamps. You have the option of creating a stamp for pretty much any occasion from new baby to wedding. I love the Custom Created By Stamps! My son is always bringing home various pieces of artwork from school and this makes organizing them so much easier. You just stamp the back and add the date. Voila - you have an easy way to keep track of who created what (unfortunately after a while they all start to look kind of similar) and when.

Another must have stamp for my family are the Custom Bookplate Stamps. We have a huge collection of books. It can be hard to keep up with all of them and it seems like they are constantly being loaned out. I love having an easy way to showcase the books that belong to our family. It is great when Connor takes books to school or friends homes. I also just love the way it looks and get some strange pleasure out of stamping the inside of a new book. I had a field day stamping all of our books when the stamp first arrived. It made me feel like we have our own library. Very unique and one of a kind. Take a moment to visit The Paper Princess and I am pretty certain you will discover some vintage inspired gem that you must have. All of the items are adorable and they are also very affordable!Best Blogger Tips

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