The creative minds behind PRPL NRPL have me laughing every time I look at their witty designs. I love that they have made clothing for babies & kids that is full of humor. My children are full of laughter and I get a kick out of dressing them in duds that gets the same response. You would have a hard time not discovering something in their collection that makes you chuckle! All of their clothing is printed on high quality clothing from American Apparel. That means it's sweatshop free and American made. Right now PRPL NRPL is offering $5 flat rate shipping and is having one AMAZING sale. You can get items like the 'Never mind this goober' onesie Jackson is wearing below for only $7.50 - it would be hard to beat that even at Walmart and you can be sure the quality is a huge step above. Even the Big Boy shirt Connor is sporting is only $7.50....in fact it seems like pretty much everything in the PRPL NRPL collection is on sale for an incredible price!

So check out PRPL NRPL and fill up your shopping cart with some hilarious clothing and by my calculations you can get 4 items for $30. I am still having sticker shock....we I spy a good deal I can't help it - I have to buy!Best Blogger Tips

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