LuvLoo Mini Toy Wrangler

How many times a day do you and your baby play fetch? How often is it because you WANTED to play fetch? My little boy loves to toss his stuff to the ground and wait for me to pick it up. He tosses toys, pacifiers, blankets, drinks, well pretty much anything I give him to hold. Leave it to a creative mom to come up with a simple but incredibly useful product. The Toy Wrangler and it's little sibling the Mini Toy Wrangler will save you from playing pick up sticks every 2 minutes and it will keep your child's stuff from bonding with the nasty crap on the floor. These stretchy tethers velco easily to anything from your high chair to the car seat, the crib to the stroller, or my personal favorite my little boy's hand. The ring on the bottom allows you to attach whatever you would like and then to easily swap it out with something new. You can feel safe using the Toy Wrangler too because it has been tested just as any toy would be and even the plastic rings have been tested as food grade plastic. Once you try this one out you will be hooked!

2 lucky readers will win their own set of Mini Toy Wranglers! To enter to win visit the Luvloo site and fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 14th at midnght EST.
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