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Mom's are busy. Our schedules are frantic and we rarely have a moment to ourselves. Organization is our weapon. The Carrie & Tuck by Boatman Geller is an excellent way to stay organized. It smartly stows everything you need to take notes, write notes, and keep up with addresses. Everything is in one place and it zips up for easy carry & storage. The Carrie & Tuck comes with a notepad on a clipboard, 5 folded notes + envelopes, 5 flat cards + envelopes, a pen, address sheet, and 5 extra envelopes that your notebook paper folds into perfectly. All you need to do is stash some stamps in there and you are good to go. My advice would be to put any note or letter that you need to reply to into your Carrie & Tuck. Then when you have a single free moment open it up and reply to everything at once. The carpool lane is a wonderful place for that or when you are stuck in a waiting room. It's also a wonderful product for the frequent traveler! Everything is organized, ready to go, and you have some super chic stationary to boot! When you order your Carrie & Tuck it comes completely stocked and ready to go. After you have used up the contents you can order new stationary from their collection and it is ready to re-load. They have tons of fabulous options to choose from and you can pick the re-fill pack that suits your personality! The Carrie & Tuck is about to be given to lots of celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Garner. Pretty cool to think you can be using the same stationary as those famous mamas! You can save 15% off any item from Boatman Geller and Carrie & Tuck by using the code BGCT15. You can also win your own Carrie & Tuck in pink! To enter to win visit the Carrie & Tuck website and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 15th at midnight EST.
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ruee said...

that's so cute..
i love it!

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