Potty Training Sucks

The title pretty much sums it up. Potty Training Sucks by Joanne Kimes, is a lifesaver for all parents fighting the diaper battle. We struggled for over 6 months to eliminate the diapers in our home and the same week we did my youngest son was born. I wish I had read this book during my struggles because it is so full of helpful tips & advice but at the same time it is so funny. There are so many things that you never think about before you have a baby and potty training was definitely one for me. It never occurred to me that there would be a period of my life where every 20 minutes I had to remind someone to go pee-pee. Check out this helpful guide to learn some important dos and don'ts and to also arm yourself with the best ways to handle accidents. I love that Potty Training Sucks is so full of humor (you'll need all the laughs you can get) and it helps you learn how to cope with the sheer frustration of this process. It's a rough time but as my mother told me, "he will get potty trained at some point. How many high-schoolers did you know in diapers?".

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