Marley & Me

I did not expect to like this movie. I thought it would be a silly little movie about a misbehaving dog that I would endure for the enjoyment of my son. In the end I was the one holding a box of tissues with tear lines running down my face. I love this movie. It was so realistic to me. There is a scene in the film where the family is eating dinner and Jennifer Aniston is yelling at Owen Wilson. The fight was verbatim one we have had at our home. I felt like someone had videotaped a meal at our house right after we had our second child. I just identified so much with this family. It might be because they had boys but I thought is was such an accurate portrayal of marriage & life with children. Dog lover or not - Marley And Me
is a touching story of a family.

Marley And Me comes out on March 31st and is available to purchase in 3 different sets. You can get the 3 disc Blu-ray set, the 2 disc complete with a digital copy, or the single disc DVD. Rent or buy - this is a great one for your entire family to enjoy! A bit of warning - wear your waterproof mascara when viewing.

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