The Light at the End of the Diaper Pail

Motherhood isn't always what you thought it would be; sometimes it's more amazing than you dreamed possible and sometimes you wish you would actually have that nervous breakdown if only so that you could finally get some rest (the screams of a mental hospital have nothing on your little ones). Being a new mother can be difficult at times. It is an adjustment to say the least and who really thinks clearly with all those weird hormones and zero sleep?

The Light at the End of the Diaper Pail by Geralyn Broder Murray is just the kind of inspiring book that can give you the little extra lift you need. Yes, this too shall pass and before you know it you'll be ready to do it again. Her book is so encouraging and makes you feel like you are reading the words of a friend who really understands. She'll give you some helpful advice without shoving it down your throat and make you feel reassured at the same time.

I love this book. It's so true, sweet, funny, and uplifting. I really identify with all that she has to say and when I can connect with an author the book is just so much more enjoyable for me. This would be a great gift to give to your pals with a new screaming bundle of joy or to give to yourself. And if you can squeeze in another free moment, visit Geralyn's blog. It's witty and sweet. I got completely sucked in to a story about her little boy & daughter - you can see it for yourself here and you can purchase her book here.

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