It's Sandal Season at Pediped!

Pediped is the spot for finding quality shoes for your little one's feet. Did you know that the American Podiatric Medical Association recommends letting your child go barefoot or wear soft flexible shoes when they are learning to walk and while their feet are just developing? Pediped's shoes are both soft & flexible. You can easily bend them over in half and since they have been constructed with flexibility in mind, they will last no matter how you bend them! They were even recognized by the American Podiatric Association as a contributor to better foot health!

We were lucky enough to try out a pair of the adorable Harvey sandals from Pediped. My son is not a huge shoe fan much to my dismay (could he truly be my child?)! But he didn't seem to notice that he was wearing shoes when he was donning the Harvey's. They had plenty of flex for when he was trying to crawl and they were really soft!

Stop by Pediped to pick up some of their Spring Collection for your child's developing feet. The prices are reasonable and the quality is great so you can pass them down to all of your children.

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