What is your biggest struggle as a mom? Trying to balance work and family and still leaving time for myself is sometimes tough. My blog has been a big help in making time just for me after the kids are in bed. Our weekends are always so crazy trying to get caught up on cleaning and laundry. I never really feel caught up but I’d rather spend a little extra time with my kids than have a spotless house.

What is something you caught yourself doing that you mom used to do and you swore you wouldn't do? Honestly my mom is AWESOME. I always hoped to be a mom as wonderful as supportive. I have caught myself using my own spit to wipe my kid’s face if nothing else was handy. I always hated that and swore I would never do it but hey, nobody will know there is my spit on his face but they will notice that crusted boogie so I reason it out that way!

Share something funny your child has said or done. I’ll never forget when my son was 20 months and had a limited vocabulary. My husband got a huge drill in the mail and when he lifted it out of its case my son said in total awe,” Oh, WOW!” The timing was so perfect and the sound of his little voice so sweet that my husband and I will never forget it.

What is your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is Kate Spade. I love her style and have a couple of bags and one pair of shoes. I can’t justify any more than that but it feels good to have a least one part of an outfit that is special.

How do you unwind? I love reading mommy blogs and will sit comfortably on the couch with our laptop reading and entering giveaways. I really enjoy the opportunity to share with other moms. I’ve also won some amazing products that we never would have known about otherwise. I also do yoga twice a week through work on my lunch hour. It is amazing how good I feel afterward..

Favorite TV Show? My favorite show by far is True Blood on HBO. I ha
ve also read all the books the series is based on by Charlaine Harris and I’m hooked. They are by far my favorite books. There is nothing greater than finding a series that is so addicting. I finished the first seven novels in less than a week. (I stayed up WAY too late to do that.)

What is a tradition you started with your family? On the weekend we always make a big breakfast. Both of my boys love pancakes, french toast and waffles so it is usually one of those. My oldest can be a picky eater but he can’t get enough of my blueberry pancakes and sausage.

How did you decide on the name of your child? Lucian came from a combination of loving the name Luke but not its popularity. At the time I was pregnant my husband and I loved the show Rome on HBO and a main character is Lucius. We decided on Lucian. For my second son Warren we chose a family name. It is my father’s middle name. Lucian has the same middle name as his dad and Warren has his dad's first name as his middle name. It worked out great!

When asked what my favorite product is as a mom I had to ask myself, “Self, what is one product that you are in awe of every time you use it? What is the product that you constantly marvel at its innovation? What product do you wish you had thought of?” My answer is simple, the Boon Catch Bowl.

Seriously, all you mamas out there with young children need this bowl. It has everything that a normal bowl is lacking in the childproof department. Afraid your child is going to spill the contents of a bowl required food like cereal or soup? No problem. The suction at the bottom of the bowl grips to the highchair or table like a vise and yet is somehow easy enough for an adult to remove. How does that work? I don’t know but I’m not going to question the miracle suction.

If the food needs a bowl then it most likely contains liquid. As a mom we know getting food like soup to a toddlers mouth without losing at least some it is a tall order for a child not yet a master of the spoon. The built-in spill catcher is perfect for catching all those little “oops” spills. Save your bib, chair, clothing and poor abused floors with the Boon Catch Bowl.

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I won this bowl in a contest almost a year ago and I’m so thankful I did. We use it regularly and I can’t imagine being without it. I think it is a must have for any mom and I wanted to share this wonderful product with you. It is inexpensive but so convenient and I hope that you will try it out. The only bad reviews I've seen for the catch bowl state washing it in a dishwasher caused warping or the suction to stop working. I was surprised since our dishwasher is fairly new and powerful and we've washed it on the top rack numerous times. It works as good as new. However, you may want to simply wash it by hand to avoid this potential problem.

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