Closet Purse Hanger

Purses are my biggest addiction. They are right up above shoes and candy but for some reason they are the 1st thing I want to buy every time I get a little extra cash. Perhaps it's because they are they one thing that will always fit no matter what size you are or maybe it's because I have this need to carry everything along with me wherever I go.

Due to my handbag compulsion they are taking over my home. They are like little invaders into every room and closet. I just don't know how to organize or properly store them. Plus I can never find the one I really want in a rush and sometimes I flat out forget what I even have. Checkout the awesome organization I have going on in my closet above. Whenever I get one bag out I have to pull down the box and dig - it is a huge pain!

I was overjoyed when someone kindly introduced me to the ingenius creation - Closet Purse Hangers! How smart to create a hook that is designed to hold your bags. It will free up storage space in your closet, make it easy to organize & find your handbags, plus it will keep your purses in their best condition! I absolutely LOVE this product. It is so simple and smart!! Notice the huge improvement in my after photo.

I also use them in my hall closet to keep the purse I am currently using at easy reach and out of the grasp of my kids. I have a few extras in therefor when my friends come over as well. I always hate how purses pile up when guests are over and there never seems to be a good place to put them. This way they are neatly organized and we don't have to worry about Connor eating all of their gum. You can get a pack of 10 Closet Purse Hangers for only $20!

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