BOSU Balance Trainer

Yes - I'd do it just for fun! The BOSU Balance Trainer is pretty much the first form of exercise that is actually fun for me! I don't know if it's based entirely on my maturity level but I love jumping & balancing on the ball. It takes fairly simple aerobic style exercises and gives them a whole new twist by adding in the balance aspect. I am usually not all that coordinated but I managed to make it through the steps (I did lose my balance a few times) and it was so much fun...slightly painful, but still fun! I was shocked at how sore I was the morning after and at how difficult it was for me to do 10 situps. However, after trying it once I am hooked!

The BOSU Home Balance Trainer comes with the BOSU Balance Trainer, the pump, a total Body Workout DVD, and an exercise manual. The DVD is divided into 3 segments so you can do only a little if you don't have much time or do the whole DVD if you want a lengthy workout. The whole system works to target your core muscles and give you a total body workout. This set is so much cheaper than a gym membership and you don't have to find a sitter to work out. It even intrigued my husband so much that he tried it out himself. He loved how you can flip the trainer and use it for push ups. The BOSU Home Balance Trainer has my vote for pretty much the only way to get me to want to workout so perhaps it will have the same effect on you!

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