Bob the Builder On Site: Skyscrapers

Can we build it? If you have a little boy (or even a girl) than this is probably a popular mantra in your home. My son loves to carry around his toy screwdriver, drill, and hammer pretending that he is fixing everything. So when you combine the building power of Bob the Builder with real-life construction you get a DVD that is sure to captivate the Mr. Fix-it in your life. Bob the Builder: On Site - Skyscrapers will show your child how a real skyscraper is constructed and it will still instill that you can accomplish anything through teamwork & a good attitude! My son was really intrigued with the part when they show you how the elevator system is installed. Oddly enough, this DVD even interested me and I learned somethings that I never knew about Skyscraper construction (I know you are shocked that I didn't know everything already). You can pick up your own Bob the Builder: On Site - Skyscrapers on March 17th which could make for a pretty sweet surprise from a happy leprechaun.

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