You can be a Smart Shopper

I've inherited a gadget obsession from my father. I pretty much love anything that requires charging or batteries (except loud & flashing toys). The best types of gadgets are the ones that take an annoying daily task or problem and find a way to make it easier and sometimes even fun. Gadgets like that are hard to find. The Smart Shopper is one of those helpful gadgets. It's a kind of like having your own personal note taker. The Smart Shopper will keep up with your shopping list and even print it out for you - it's an electronic grocery list.

Basically you push the record button and say the item you want to add to your shopping list. The item will pop up on the screen and you press select to add that item. It has a database of 2500 preloaded items so chances are good that it will recognize the item you want to add. Although if you are like my husband and the first thing you want to add to the list is "ass" you won't find it in the database. This one wasn't designed to indulge the maturity level of some grown men. Much to his delight he realized that he can program any custom item into the Smart Shopper that he desires. Sadly for him no matter how many times the shopping list says "ass" -Chances are pretty slim I'm bringing that back in a plastic sack from the aisle 9. Yet he can't resist adding it when he thinks I'm not looking.

This is why I love the Smart Shopper: I always remember to pick up what I need from the store and it is easy for the whole family to use. Keeping a running list that everyone knows to add to can be tricky. I have tried the magnetic notepads on the fridge but they have the strangest ability to vanish. With the Smart Shopper they all know where the master list is and it's pretty unlikely to become someone's doodle pad when I'm not looking. So now when they need something from the store they just hit record and say the word. When it comes time for me or hubby to go shopping - we just hit print and our list comes out. Even more helpful - it is organized by categories to keep you from going from one end of the store and back again.

It has built in magnets to make it stick to your fridge or you can adhere it to a wall. It will also let you add your errands to the list like dry cleaning or the bank. When you print it out your errands will be at the top of the list. The printer requires no ink cartridges to work and it comes with 3 rolls of printing paper. When you run out you can easily order more from Smart Shopper USA.

I just can't sing the praises of the Smart Shopper enough. I no longer go to the grocery store and scratch my head thinking I know I'm forgetting something. My husband has no excuse for not having something he wants because he knows he just has to push record and say it and then I will pick it up (within reason). When I use the last of the milk I instantly add it to the Smart Shopper instead of making a mental note to pick up milk. I forget so many of my mental notes. Organization is such an asset to a mother's life and the Smart Shopper will help keep you organized. Visit Smart Shopper USA to see a demo of it in use but I promise you it is so simple that any reading child could use it and hopefully they will use it to remind you about the snack they need to bring to school next Friday or the poster board they need for their upcoming project.Best Blogger Tips

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