Purple Carrots...who knew?

Purple carrots are a new concept to me. I had no idea they existed but now that I do it would be hard to let go of the delicious taste. Although I am not personally a carrot fan, the juices from First Juice are very tasty. They are also crammed full of healthy benefits making them a great option for your growing child. First Juice has no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and it 50% less sugar than a glass of the leading 100% apple juice. Not too shabby, huh?

I have written about First Juice in the past but I just wanted to let you know about the fabulous new flavors that are now available. The Blueberry + Purple Carrot & the Peach + Purple Carrot were huge hits with my entire family. My little chocolate milk addict would request First Juice over his daily chocolate fix. I love having him drink from the convenient 8 oz bottles because they have a built in spill proof sippy-top!!

Not to leave you hanging I will define the Purple Carrot. Carrots start out red, then white, then yellow, and then purple. They have the same health benefits and are still yummy, just like your typical orange carrot. The same antioxidants found in red grapes & blueberries are what give the carrots it's purple/red pigment. You simply must try this one out for yourself! Visit First Juice to find out more, see the other delectable flavors, and order some for your family.Best Blogger Tips

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