Out of the box patterns and vivid colors make up the fun clothing from Lollopard. Normally I wouldn't be a big fan of wearing something to match my young boys but in this case I eagerly made an exception. This Swedish based brand takes clothing to a fun new place by producing high quality & unique designs! I love the fun pattern options & styles - they are all created exclusively for Lollopard. They have something for the entire family with clothing for men, women, and children.
Lollopard's clothing is created to last you a LONG time. Their well made clothing will endure the entire hand-me-down process and then be passed on to your grandchildren (and still look good). The peached cotton/lycra material is very comfortable. When my 3 year old tried the shirt on he said "WHOA - it is super soft". You can rest easy knowing that their fabric is free of all chemicals that could be harmful to your body. Lollopard also uses suppliers who practice Fair Trade & do not employ child labor.
Buy clothing built to last and clothing that stands apart from the norm. I was very impressed with the quality of the Lollopard. I was thrilled with the feel. The comfort. The modern prints. The vivid colors. Lollopard is something that your family will prefer wearing and people will want to know where you found it. You can view the full collection at Lollopard and you can purchase from their site as well. They will ship anywhere in the world.
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