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I have terrible posture. I have for most of my life. I think it began in middle school when I was taller than all the boys and I slouched to make myself look smaller. Bad habits are hard to break. Although my mom had constantly nagged me about slouching, I never realized just how bad it really was until I saw my wedding pictures. More than half of them are horrible because of my hunchback pose...it my be so couture but it doesn't do too much for those of us not in Vogue.
It's not that I want to slouch. I just forget. I don't like to be reminded by others because it makes me feel embarrassed. When I heard about the iPosture I knew I had to see this product in action. If anything could improve my caved in stance I was willing to try it. Iposture is a tiny circular device that has a microcomputer inside. You can hook it to your bra strap (that's what I do), wear it as a pendant, or even wear it on your chest....it is very small and discreet. The iPosture memorizes your correct posture and when you begin to slouch or hunch over it send out a gentle vibration to alert you.
I had my doubts about how well this would actually work and if it would really be able to make an impact on my poor posture. I was really surprised how it always knew the instant I began to hunch over. Even more shocking to me was the fact that it actually worked. The constant vibrating reminder to make me more aware of my posture and I would correct it each time the vibrations alerted me. The first few days it was going off all the time and now I need much less reminders. My back feels so much better. I never realized how all of my upper back pain stemmed from my hunchback stance. I think that the iPosture would be a great asset for anyone who struggles with their posture and especially for children who are in the habit of slouching. Once you make a habit of poor posture it is incredibly hard to break. Children tend to be resistant of anything their parents repetitively remind them of - the iPosture takes nagging away from the parent and replaces it with a cool gadget. Check out the video below to see the full demonstration.
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nanja said...

What a novel way to remind you as mother said"sit upe straight"!

Terra Jones said...

this is amazing!! it was brought to my attention to through wedding pics... omg. I haaaaaate looking at our pics for that reason alone!

I'll have to re-read - but did you where can you purchase this? how much?? :)


Enjoymmo said...
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