Incredible You

It is so important to read to your children. I absolutely love to read and I can become so absorbed into a book that I no longer know what is going on around me - I am inside the story. I think that my love of reading goes back to when I was a small child and my mother read to me all the time. Now that I have children I am trying to instill in them the same love of reading - so we read a lot of books. The trick I have found is to find books that your child will really enjoy. In my family that means we read a ton of train books. However, when I got the chance to try out a book from Custom Made For Kids we were far from disappointed. Actually, I was pretty ecstatic to discover a book that my son loved as much as Thomas the Train (Mommy needs a little variety in her life).

The book is called The First Adventures of the Incredible You. It is so much more than your typical custom book that just pops your child's name in here and there. You get to incorporate grandparents, siblings, your local zoo, favorite park, even the street you live on. My son thought it was the coolest thing every time he heard his brother's name included in his story. He also loved how all of his grandparents were in the story. This book is really sweet and sentimental. It will become a story your little one loves to hear and a keepsake they will treasure throughout their life. What better way to help your child love reading than to give them a story they are part of?

The illustrations are unique, vivid, and perfect for any family. My son would pick out random creatures on the page and say that one is me and that one is you. This would make such a special gift for your child this holiday season. You even get to personalize the dedicated page! You can order your own from Custom Made For Kids and don't waste any time because you only have until December 14th if you want to get the book in time for Christmas! You can SAVE 15% when you enter the code holiday15 at the checkout line (this offer expires December 14th).Best Blogger Tips

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