Creative Toy Shop

I really like toys that allow your children to be artistic & creative. Creative Toy Shop has a wide collection of high quality cardboard structures that you build and decorate the way you desire. It's a great way family project and when it's finished your child can play with it along with their other toys. Connor instantly turned the Pirate Fortress we built into a place for his GI Joes and cars to have adventures. The structure only took about 10 minutes to construct and we had so much fun painting it together! Watch the video below to see how our Pirate Fortress turned out....it looks a little different from the picture above.

Make sure to check out all the fun things you can build from Creative Toy Shop. They have an adorable tree house, a palace, even a really big castle! An added plus - when your child outgrows it - you can recycle it, which makes this toy good for the environment as well. You can save 10% by entering the code "nowwhatbaby" at the checkout (offer is good now - 12/31/08) - happy shopping!!Best Blogger Tips

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