Paul & Joe Beaute

Paul & Joe instantly caught my attention with their beautiful packaging. I love the elegant Parisian appeal of the lip stick tubes and eye shadow cases. The makeup didn't let me down either. The lipstick is an amazing long lasting blend of creamy texture. It feels great to apply and the slight sheer to the colors give your lips a natural appeal. The lip color was the perfect look for a subtle daytime appearance and a great compliment to dramatic night time eye color.
Paul & Joe's eye color is available in 25 beautiful shades. The color you see is actually the color that it is when you apply it. Isn't that nice? I hate how I buy an eyeshadow and take it home to discover it applies completely different from how it looks in it's little case. I'm thrilled to have found an eye color that is what you expect! The eye color will last a while because you only need one light coat to create dramatic eyes that last all day! Check out Paul & Joe to see all the great options they have for you and I bet you can also find some great items to fill up some holiday stockings!Best Blogger Tips

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