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Another fun option for keeping your little one safe and soothed at night is the wearable blankets from Ceewee Baby. These adorable bedtime options have a zipper that makes diaper changes a breeze. They use both organic and natural fiber fabrics that will have your angel snuggled in comfort and chemical free. I love the fun print options available from Ceewee Baby, especially the retro inspired prints. Another thing that makes Ceewee Baby unique is that all of their products have option of twiddlers which are different textured & patterned ribbons. If you choose to have the twiddlers attached it gives baby something to play with & explore. You can even get one to fit your toddler. Check out the full selection at Ceewee Baby! Below are a few pics of Jackson wrapped in Ceewee Baby soothing comfort:

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Amanda said...

That is so cool! I have never seen that before. I found some more stuff here tops.

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