Beep Beep Slings

Australian made Beep Beep Slings make baby wearing super chic. If you are expecting a new baby or you have a baby this would make a great gift! Your little baby will love being snuggled close to you and you will appreciate the freedom of using both hands again! I love the gorgeous 100% cotton fabrics they have created for you and your little bambino! Not only are the prints lovely but they are also reversible. The vintage sling I have been using can be reversed to a solid gray - this means that my husband is not embarrassed to use it! The slings are simple to use and can be worn to carry your baby in 3 different positions, plus you can also use it for discreet nursing.

Whenever I wear my Beep Beep Sling people constantly stop me and ask me where I found it. Sometimes people don't even realize I am toting a baby - they just want to know where I found the great purse. It was a lifesaver when I took my oldest son to a crowed birthday party. My little baby boy slept through the entire party and I was able to chase & play with my big boy.
They also sell whimsical note cards that are perfect for thank you's or simple hellos! You can buy a Beep Beep Sling for yourself at Purl Mama & Baby. Below are a few pictures of Jackson & I enjoying our Beep Beep Sling in the vintage print:

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