Skoooch over boring scooters!

Connor has always stared enviously at the other kids when they are riding their scooters around. We have let him try and ride a scooter but he just can't quite get the balance right and spends most of his time on the ground. The Skoooch is an awesome alternative to the typical scooter and it's much more friendly to kids ages 3-6. It's pretty hard to tip the Skoooch over because it has two platforms for your feet to go. It even has brakes!

Connor will be three in about a month. The Skoooch is a little tricky for him because he is working on grasping the concept of pushing off and jumping on. He has so much fun practicing and has yet to fall down. That alone makes it worthwhile to me. We give him a little push and he gets to feel like he is as cool as the big kids. Actually, the big kids want to ride his Skoooch! I would highly recommend starting your child off with the Skoooch as an alternative to a scooter. It is much easier for them to use and I know that in my son's case it results in far less skinned knees. Watch the video below to see it in action!
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Chris said...

You forgot to mention how easy it is to put together. I'm glad he's finally enjoying it.

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