The perfect solution to a rainy day!

I guess when I thought of Crayola I just always thought of crayons. I had no idea how cute and diverse their product line has become. I love the Crayola Beginnings Line. The adorable products are perfect for toddlers just exploring their artsy side. The unique design of the crayons, markers, paints, and even stampers are easy for little ones to grip in their developing hands and many of them look like friendly animals! My son loved the Utility Vehicle that could hold 6 of the beginning products. He would roll it to wherever his inspiration struck him!

We spent a good hour and a half creating a masterpiece with the Crayola Art products. The day was rainy and dull but these cute crayons and markers kept my little man busy. He had so much fun expressing his creativity! Trust me - keeping my boy entertained for more than 20 minutes with one activity is quite an accomplishment!

Another cool thing to check out from Crayola is all their great Color Wonder Mess Free products. This was definitely invented by a parent. The paints & markers will only color on the Color Wonder paper!!! Thank you for this - we have lost many a wall or carpet to a random artwork experiment by my son. Actually, the upstairs hallway is still proudly displaying the red stripe mural my child created while I was cooking dinner. Anything Mess Free sounds great to me!!

Check out the video of Connor creating his Crayola Masterpiece!!
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