The Micralite Toro

I am pretty impressed with the Micralite Toro stroller. There is a lot to love about it. First of all, it is so lightweight. I am not struggling to lift this stroller and the weight makes it easier to push. It only weighs 18 lbs, which is pretty good when you think that my son currently weighs over 30 lbs and I carry him all the time.

Secondly, this is by far the easiest stroller I have ever pushed! It goes in the direction that I desire and I don't ever have to struggle with it. I honestly feel like it is gliding to it's destination. The slim design made it great for a walk on our neighborhood's narrow side walks and it was incredibly easy to navigate through an over-crowded shopping mall. I like that I don't have to use any muscle to push the Micralite Toro along. It even pushes really well through the grass and up gravel covered hills.

Third - it folds up slim. The back of my car has a joke of a trunk unless you lay down the rear seats. It actually fits in the trunk without having to compromise my extra seating. Currently, it is the only stroller I have found that can fit in that little slot (unless you count an umbrella stroller).

Fourth - It is really quick and easy to fold or un-fold. I will warn you: it took me a little practice to get the hang of the unique way it folds up and unfolds. My husband understood the concept instantly but sad to say - I needed to ask for him to show me in slow motion. However, as soon as you grasp the idea, you're like "wow, that is really easy & pretty simple". I promise, just practice for a minute and you will love the end result.

Fifth - You can recline your child all the way! This is so easy to do too. In my previous strollers you had to reach under the seat and loosen or undo things. The Micralite Toro is quick and requires no bending over. You just squeeze and slide to the position you want. The video shows things much better than I can explain it.

Sixth - It came with a raincover that was very quick to zip on and it covered the whole stroller. Your munchkin is not getting wet in the beauty and it will stay on. It also comes with an all weather foot boot that is really great for when your child is little or it's cold outside. I like that they included these bonuses in with the stroller

Seventh - It is stylish and sleek. Yes, I do care if my stroller is pretty and this stroller looks very fancy. I feel like I might still be cool when I'm pushing it around and it is the 1st stroller that my husband has ever really liked the look of. It's also available in orange, sand, and emerald. You can also order fun seat liners (they even have zebra or leopard) to change up the look of your Micralite Toro.

Eight - It has the option of ordering a newborn carrycot or the Graco carseat adapter for your stroller if you desire. I love the way the carrycot looks!!

Now for my only complaints: I would have liked the storage basket to be accessible from the side I was pushing on so that I didn't have to reach under my child's feet to get everything out. I know this compromises the sleek look of the stroller but I really wanted a cup holder. My only other complaint would have to be that it is pretty pricey - however, compared to the Bugaboo and other high end strollers, this is actually reasonable and in my opinion the Micralite Toro looks just as rich & famous!!

Check out my video on the Micralite Toro to see it in use. My 3 year old fit in there well and he loved it!
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