Classy-Kid has all the bases covered

I was amazed at how many useful products I found at Classy-Kid. Pretty much anything you need in the world of Boo-boo and sanitary care. I loved their Boo Boo Rescue First Aid and Bravery Kit. The kit had everything I could need should Connor get hurt and it was fun for Connor too! The adorable ambulance shaped kit even includes a toy stethoscope to make the boo-boo fixing process fun and interactive for kids. You'll also find Boo-Boo Juice (my favorite no sting wound cleanser), a cute cold pack, tweezers, sticker, band-aids, and much more. Classy-Kid has a whole line of child friendly Boo-Boo care products! I saw the Boo Boo Rescue First Aid and Bravery Kit at my local Kroger the other day and it was only $19.99. I also have to say that the band-aids from Classy-Kid are amazing. It is so hard to find a band-aid that will stay on Connor - especially his feet. We used the animal and bug shaped band-aids from Classy-Kid and they did not budge!

Some other useful products that can be found at Classy-kid are their disposable sanitary items. I love their stick on place mats that are designed to be colored on and then tossed. No matter what I do for some reason Connor always winds up eating off the table instead of his plate. This is really disgusting when you think that the restaurants usually use the same rag to clean all the tables in the dining area and don't usually change rags until the end of the day. With the Classy-Kid place mats I don't have to worry about germs and he is entertained as well. They also offer disposable bibs, disposable liners to put on public changing tables (those always seemed disgusting to me - are they ever cleaned?), and they have bio-degradable diaper sacks which not only cut down on the smell but are better for the environment (great for when you have to change a diaper in the car and have no where to dispose of it!).

You can find Classy-Kids useful products online but you can also pick them up at Kroger, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Smiths, and Babies R Us. We put together a little video of us using the various products from Classy-Kid:

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