Surviving Labor & Delivery

Ms. & Mrs. has a great new kit for surviving labor and delivery. I'm not sure if it actually makes labor any easier but it certainly would have been nice to have some of these items when I had my son. We all remember to pack a bag with a change of clothing but we frequently forget the little things. This kit is so nice because it's all packaged up and ready to go. It takes the work out of planning - the should I take that, will I need that? I would recommend this as a great gift for a new mom to be from anyone. Wouldn't it be sweet coming from the daddy though? I'm pretty sure it would be a hit at a baby shower as well. Here are a few of the great things that come in this handy kit:
  • Lip Balm - lord knows I could have used that, my mouth was so dry
  • Bubblegum cigars
  • slipper socks - really nice if you forgot to get that pedicure before putting your feet in stirrups
  • Breath mints - I bet that everyone who came to see me wishes I'd had these
  • Back massager - This is probably the one time you will have no trouble getting a back rub
The kit includes 12 childbirth essentials, so those just happen to be some of my favs. For only $45 it seems easier to me to get it all nice and together than to try to assemble these items on your own. I guarantee it will wind up costing more. Ms. and Mrs. also has some really cute kits for the other events in your life. I think the Shemergency would be a life saver if you just kept it in your car. Now if only they had an survival kit for toddlers...Best Blogger Tips

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