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Who am I? Addicted to searching for cool products. Obsessed with things that smell like cupcakes. In love with a beautiful view. Dying for an hour of silence. In need of some outdoor exercise. Wishing for a huge wraparound porch with some rocking chairs. Dreaming of traveling the world. Passionate about my family. Amazed with my children. Surprised with the power of motherhood. Unable to resist junk food. Probably spending too much time with my tivo. Searching for balance. Still a kid a heart. Lucky to escape from Target without bankruptcy. Petrified of vomit & boogie men. Terrified that my kids will grow up too quickly. Calmed by piano music and an uncluttered space. Still finding out who I am.
Who is Connor? Addicted to chocolate milk. Obsessed with all things train related. In love with peanut butter & jelly. Dying to be a super secret spy...but that is top secret info. In need of a place to climb & jump. Wishing for a camping trip. Dreaming of strawberries & train wrecks. Passionate about building. Amazed by every single episode of Spongebob. Surprised with new flavors. Unable to comprehend the word no. Probably sneaking doughnuts in his room. Searching for knowledge. Still in love with trains. Lucky to be surrounded by people who love him. Terrified of monsters and the dark. Calmed by hugs and cereal. Still finding out who he is.Who is Jackson? Addicted to the iPad. Obsessed with finding ways to sneak some candy. In love with Batman. Dying to be Batman. In need of protection from his fear of nothing. Wishing for a batmobile. Dreaming of junkfood and playgrounds. Passionate about his cape. Amazed by boots and belts. Surprised by the word no. Unable to stop smiling. Probably going to be an athlete. Searching for something to get into. Still in love with Batman. Lucky to have such a loving older brother. Petrified of the Scream mask. Calmed by the sound of Johnny Cash or harmonicas. Still finding out who he is but in the meantime he believes he is Batman.

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