Now What Baby is a great place to advertise! Our audience consists primarily of mothers and in most homes they are the ones who do the majority of the buying.

You can also take out one of two options in our sidebar. This also appears on each individual post as well. The prices for a button are:
$40 a month
$440 a year

The prices for a text link on the sidebar start at:
$25 a month
$250 a year
(prices vary depending on the number of words)

One final option would be to get a sponsored post on our site. This means you would have a post all about you - this can be written by the Now What Baby team or you can opt to send us the posting your would like to have published. This will not only appear on our site but be emailed out to all of our subscribers. Please email us for pricing and to discuss the options that work the best for you.

Have questions? Want to learn about our statistics? Want to start today?
Email us at advertising@nowwhatbaby.com
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