Admittedly, at first I was thinking - this must be a gimmick. Yet, to my surprise it works extremely well! Spinlash is a rotating mascara wand that you can use with your mascara or the Spinlash mascara. I couldn't figure out what the big deal was until I tried it out myself. When you use this fun gadget you'll have zero clumps and your lashes will also look longer. The effect is beautiful, natural looking lashes. You do not look like you are wearing mascara because the application is so even.

I did think for a minute, maybe I could just spin my mascara wand while I apply it. Unless you are incredibly coordinated - chances are that idea will not work for you. It's kinda of the same concept as rubbing your stomach, patting your head, and chewing gum...actually, probably harder. Try it yourself and you'll end up with mascara everywhere but the intended target. Right now Spinlash is only $14.95 - when the price is that low there is no excuse to be trying to duplicate this idea yourself - besides...it really does work and nothing I did could get the same result.Best Blogger Tips

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