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What child wouldn't want to be the star of their books? What kid doesn't like to have things that are just for them? Frecklebox is the perfect place to find unique, personalized gifts for a child. They have several options to choose from but my personal favorite is the Nature Namebook. Connor loved that it was his name in the story and I really liked the beautiful artwork. Although, he isn't reading yet - I think it has been helpful to him to see his name throughout the book and will help him to recognize it in the future. I'm tempted to order a second book so that I can frame the images of his name and use them to decorate his room - they are that adorable! If you are looking for room decor though - you can get some cool personalized posters from Frecklebox.

Other than the Nature Namebook, at Frecklebox you can find two other fun books, placemats, posters, journals, and even coloring books. I really like the coloring book because it has your child's name at the bottom of every masterpiece! I think this would be incredibly useful when you have more than one child. You would always know who did which crayon creation and it would give the kids something unique. Plus - there is no arguing over whose book is whose! Below are some pics of Connor reading his Nature Namebook. Another thing to love about Frecklebox is that on their website they let you look inside the books before you order. Good luck picking just one item after you get to see past the cover!!

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